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Frequently asked questions

1. Why a $59 dispatch fee

This is an ongoing debate... Why do we charge a dispatch fee? Each electrical company has developed their own method for charging for diagnostic.  As a consumer you must understand, choosing an electrician based on whether or not they charge a diagnostic fee is not a good deciding factor for picking a reputable company. So if your electrician or service provider does charge for a service or diagnostic, don't hold it against them - they are just being financially responsible and not hiding a true cost somewhere else in the bill. Electrical companies like every other business out there are driven by customer service and profits. With this in mind, know that you are paying for diagnostic or lack thereof whether you know it or not….. That is why we are always UPFRONT with all of our pricing - there are no hidden charges for you in the end and that’s our guarantee. Choose your electrician based on the fact that they are honest and you can trust them; "Honest" is the key word. Cut rate price almost always equals cut rate.

2. Why do circuit breakers trip?

Answer: Overload is the most common reason for tripping. Too many things are plugged in or turned on in the circuit. Short circuit is another reason, this may be caused by faulty wiring, appliances or fixtures. If you experience this problem on a regular basis, it’s time to call us.

3. What is a GFCI?

Answer: A GFCI or Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter is a special breaker or receptacle providing extraordinary protection from shock. The GFCI can tell if current as low as 5 milliamps is “leaking” out of a circuit to ground. If the GFCI senses this leakage it will de-energize the circuit. If this current is “leaking” through your body to ground because you have touched an energized piece of equipment you may feel a shock but it will be of very short duration before the circuit is turned off by the GFCI. These are the receptacles with the “test” and “reset” buttons found in many bathrooms and kitchens.

4. What is an AFCI?

Answer: An AFCI is a special breaker intended to provide fire protection caused by arcing faults (small sparks) by recognizing characteristics unique to arcing and by functioning to de-energize the circuit when an arc fault is detected. An AFCI recognizes the "signature waveform" of an arcing fault and shuts the power off to the circuit to protect against fire. AFCI's have been required in all new work dwelling unit bedrooms effective January 1, 2002 ! However if you have an old house you can still benefit greatly from AFCI protection. Novolux can install this fantastic safety technology today so your family will be protected by the best technology available!

5. Why do my light bulbs burn out so quickly?

Answer: You may be exceeding the maximum lamp wattage of the fixture. There should be a label inside the fixture. If the label is not there consider replacing the fixture. Do not exceed 60 watts for most ceiling fixtures. Many times vibration is the culprit in short bulb life. There are vibration resistant bulbs for ceiling fans and garage door openers and there are rough service bulbs for portable lights. Sometimes a porch light can have a shortened life due to a slamming door. A rough service bulb would do well in such a location.

6. What is a surge protector?

Answer: A surge protector protects against surges, spikes, lightning etc. These surges may come down the utility line or they may come from within your home or nearby. This device may sacrifice itself to protect your electrical system and electronic equipment from surges. Many surge protectors simply plug into the wall and your equipment plugs into it necessitating a surge protector with less than optimum protective capabilities. Novolux can install a whole house surge protector to protect everything in your house including phone and cable equipment. This is the best surge protection you can get and it protects everything in the house.
Remember, electrical wiring is not a hobby!