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The truth about copper vs. aluminium wiring.

Did you know electrical wiring causes twice as many home fires as electrical appliances?

With this in mind, it's time you knew the shocking truth about aluminium vs. copper wiring.

FACT:Aluminium doesn't conduct electricity as well as copper wiring.

FACT:Aluminium is more brittle than copper wiring.

FACT:Aluminium is more likely to corrode that copper wiring.

FACT:Aluminium expands and contracts more than copper wiring running a much higher risk of overheating ... the #1 cause of electrical fires.

The alarming truth is that some electrical contractors in our area may still be choosing aluminium wiring cable because it’s cheaper than copper. Yes, copper is safer, but aluminium costs less. It may cost more but we believe that your family’s safety and our company’s reputation is worth it.

Rest assured when you ask a Novolux Electrical Service Electrician, he'll tell you (and be happy to show you) we use only copper wiring inside your home.