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A thorough safety inspection must be done of your electrical system every year to spot any new problem areas before they become a hazard.  Our 12 Point Safety Inspection and Panel Maintenance covers your house from top to bottom to help you rest easier at night, knowing that your family and home are safe!  

This is a professional check-up designed to:


·     give you peace of mind that your family is safe from shock and fire

·     save you a lot of money on future repair costs;

·     reduce breakdowns and stress;

·     maximize the efficiency and the life of your electrical systems.


Here’s a peek at just a few items on this inspection… for ONLY 148$

·     Your panel will be inspected for any defects, deterioration or signs of weakness. 

·     All of your breakers will be checked for any loose connection, wiring and hotspots.  Any needed adjustments are included in the inspection.

·     All your smoke detectors will be inspected and tested to ensure their function in an emergency.       

·     All of your GFCI plugs will pass a rigid “Performance Test”.

·     Any concerns or questions you have about your home’s electrical system will be addressed with a knowledgeable technician.
FOR ONLY $59 (taxes included) 
WHY have your furnace inspected?
1. Eliminate fire risks
2. Reduce your energy consumption
3. Save you money on future repair cost
4. Ensure your comfort and safety during winter months
5. Reduce and eliminate breakdowns and stress
Peace of mind that comes from knowing your family and home are safe and comfortable all winter long!
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SAFETY and CONFORT inspections